Perfect Justice: House of Lords


The Primm, an alien race from the other side of the galaxy. Both the males and females of the species are beautiful, erotic, and physically irresistible to any one in their presence. Their civilization is a hive-mind culture of queens and drones that thrive and procreate by consuming life in all its forms. Taralorians are ancient enemies of the Primm Empire. They are a coalition of various species working together as planet builders and creators of star systems. Centuries ago, Primm agents uncovered news of a lone planet in the uncharted Alpha quadrant with billions of new genetic prospects available, rich with diversity and high-grade genetic versatility. 

New life, ripe, and ready for harvesting. Taralorians discovered the Primm's presence on Earth and the savagery, suffering, plagues, and feedings the various hives brought with them. Taralor sent one Taran to stop the evil and conquer Earth for the Taralorian Empire. Despite his advanced technology, super intelligence, and physical skills, one lone man has no chance to take out such a daunting threat. He seeks help from the most unlikely sources imaginable and creates a powerful weapon against the most alluring evil mankind has ever encountered. 

A new war will be waged with the unlikeliest crew ever assembled; the evil they face is absolute, and the laws of men do not apply. Sing Iman is about to drop Omega quadrant justice on those who would feed on mankind. Hinduism and Buddhism describe karma as a force generated by a person's actions, which perpetuates transmigration that determines their destiny. Karma makes friends with no one but garners plenty of die-hard fans. Lord Iman will bring karma to Earth, and karma is the Perfect Justice.

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