The Book of Morrigan

A destiny he never asked for. A legacy he can’t escape.

After surviving a mysterious childhood tragedy, Sean Walsh has worked hard to focus on his future. At just twenty-three he has his entire life mapped out: A doctorate in history from Dublin’s prestigious Trinity College, and a long, fulfilling career spent exploring dusty archives and sprawling libraries. It’s no surprise he has a passion for uncovering the past, given his own is shrouded in so much secrecy. A mother killed in inexplicable circumstances. A bereft father, with blood on his hands. And beneath the fragmented memories of that time, even darker secrets. Whispers of ancient clans, violent curses, howling wolf-men, and everlasting life—stories too surreal to be believed.

When Sean meets Keira, it seems his careful plans have led him to happiness far greater than he ever dreamed. But his family’s legacy is more than just an emotional scar; it’s written into his blood. If he doesn’t face his destiny, Sean could be consumed by the darkness he abhors, and destroy the one person he cares for most.

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