The Shaded Eye: A Novella of Strange Musings (Author Interview)

The Shaded Eye looks like a great book.  What can you tell us about it? 

Thank you.  The book is based on a series of intense dreams and nightmares I had.  All the works within the book are based on these dreams, even the poems.  All the dreams took place during the spring/summer of 2022 except for Blue House.  That story was based on an intense dream I had back in 1995 that has stayed with me.


Any plans to turn it into a series?

That is a possibility.   If I have more intense dreams in the future I may do something like The Shaded Eye Vol.2, etc.  As of right now though my focus is completing the next installment in the Contaminated Angel Series.

Contaminated Angels.  Can you tell us more about that?

Sure, Contaminated Angels is a paranormal horror/superhero series set in a fictional town in western North Carolina called Sahalish.  The series focuses on different characters and each book is closed-ended.  So, a reader doesn’t have to read one book before picking up another.   The first book released in the series is Invitation to Evil which introduces the Paranormal detective with strange powers named Max MacAulay.  The next book in the series tentatively titled Blue Beacon is currently being edited.

That’s an amazing cover.  Can you tell us about it?

Thank you.  When the artist Olivia showed me the cover, I was shocked.   The artist asked me what the novel is about.  I told her it was based on a series of strange dreams.  I feel the cover (a man staring skyward at a weird phenomenon) captures the essence of the book.

What scene or section did you have the most fun writing?

That is a good question and one that is hard to answer.  I enjoyed writing the entire book.  I can say putting the dreams, especially the one from the 90’s down in a story format felt very cathartic.  Other than that writing the two poems in the book namely the haiku-villanelle was enjoyable because it has been a while since I have written structured poetry.


What inspired the idea for the book?

Well, I have always had an ability to remember my dreams particularly in any strange dream or nightmare that I have.  I figured why not put that skill to use and write the dreams down.  After that it was easy because my dreams have always flowed like a story anyway, especially the very intense ones.


How did you come up with the title for the book?

Good question.  I struggled for a while to find a title that I felt fit the book.  Dreams are a part of the subconscious…the Shadow World if you will.  I wanted a title that captured that shadowy element.  The title the Shaded Eye came to me suddenly one day


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing The Shaded Eye?

Yes.  Siren Song is personal to myself and my family.  Writing that was powerful emotionally as was the nightmare that generated it.


What do you like to do when not writing?

Besides spending time with friends and family when not writing I like watching films. I enjoy all kinds of movies, anything from horror to sci-fi to romantic comedies and intense dramas.  If the film is good, I will enjoy it.  I just got through attending the Nevermore horror film festival in Durham, NC.  I saw over 13 films in a weekend.  It was awesome!  I like playing role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons which I have been playing since 1989.  I enjoy tabletop wargames like Warhammer 40k.  Lastly, I enjoy going to different breweries and bottle shops and trying different beers. 


Where can readers find out more about your work?

Well, I have prided myself on staying away from social media which shocks many people.  I don’t have a Facebook account, but I just recently joined Twitter.  On Twitter @SandlerLBryson.  Other than that I have an author’s page on Amazon which is




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