Editorial Review For Code, Create, Play: Your 7 Day Guide to Game Development



Code, Create, Play by Tomás Brides is a comprehensive guide designed to help aspiring game developers create a video game in just one week. This book is ideal for those transitioning from basic programming to the dynamic field of game development. It simplifies complex concepts, enabling you to develop your own 2D space shooter using GameMaker Studio.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Day-by-Day Learning: The book structures learning into daily segments, each building on the previous one. By the end of the week, you’ll have a fully functional video game.

Skills for the Future: Beyond just finishing a game, this guide teaches you to set up your development environment, code game mechanics, and utilize GameMaker Language (GML) to create complex enemy behaviors. These skills are crucial for any game developer.

Practical Steps: The book offers clear, step-by-step instructions covering everything from player health management to integrating sound effects. Each chapter provides practical advice to solve common game development challenges.

Build a 2D Shooter: This guide walks you through creating a 2D space shooter game. You’ll bring your ideas to life with engaging graphics, challenging enemies, and compelling gameplay elements.

Code, Create, Play is perfect for anyone eager to delve into computer game development. By the end of the book, you’ll have the foundational skills to start your own game development projects. If you’re passionate about making games, this book is an excellent starting point.

James Bong : Agent Of Anarchy (The Evolution Saga Book 1)



"James Bong is . . . a delightfully subversive hero who challenges traditional notions of the suave spy." - Literary Titan

My name is James, James Bong!

Not to be shaken or stirred and not to be confused with the popular James Bond series - this is a whole new light hearted adventure. Prepare to be whisked away on a whirlwind journey with “James Bong - Agent of Anarchy,” by author Todd Borho.

This gripping tale combines the best elements of espionage, humor, and heart-pounding action for an unforgettable reading experience.

Follow the daring exploits of James Bong, a former MI6 spy turned renegade, as he defies authority and takes on daring missions alongside his trusty team. With the brilliant hacker K, the fiery blogger Miss Moneybit, and the mysterious AI Symphy at his side, Bong navigates a world of danger and intrigue, leaving a trail of laughter in his wake.

But as Bong and his team push the limits of what's possible, they soon find themselves pursued by their former employers, determined to put an end to their rebellious antics. Will Bong outsmart his adversaries and emerge victorious, or will he be caught in a web of deceit and betrayal?

Packed with cutting-edge technology, pulse-pounding suspense, and laugh-out-loud humor, “James Bong" is a must-read for fans of sci-fi adventure and spy thrillers alike.

Orphans of Avalon (DY51v Series Book One)



Orphans of Avalon

Some heroes are born. Some are bred. Others are chosen.

The year is 2330 and hybrids, genetically modified humans, granted paranormal strength and immortality, safeguard what remains of the North American Continental Bloc’s fragile populace.

The first of their kind, a group of ten hybrid soldiers, seven men and three women, the 
Independents, roam the deadlands, wilds and beyond, hunting down whoever the federal panel deems a threat.

During a routine mission, the oldest and most powerful among them, Sloan Whelan, suddenly goes AWOL. Ordered to find him, the other Independents soon discover their coworker has a soft spot for children—the enemy’s children.

Fleeing in the dead of winter with minimal supplies, it’s a race against time and his co-workers, as Sloan’s determined to get the children to their new home. While everything he thought he knew about his occupation, his genetic modification and the enemy, begins to unravel.

Orphans of Avalon is the first book in the post-apocalyptic paranormal science-fiction series DY51v, that follows a World War IV veteran’s fight to protect everything he holds dear against an unseen evil, while struggling to accept what he’s become.

"It’s a combination of ultra-violence and…family drama? That is very unusual. I had a good time editing this story, which speaks volumes."
- A. Bidnall Editor

"This series has everything: action, suspense, mystery, and romance. Somehow Pearse managed to meld genres in a rare way that completely captivated me. You’ll fall in love with Sloan Whelan and his motley crew. I highly recommend this series."
- K. Charron Author

A Field of Innocence



Jack Estes volunteered to fight a war in a faraway country he couldn't even locate on a map. He was a kid, eighteen years old. Married, broke, flunking out of college-and about to become a father. The Marines seemed like a good way out. He figured the Nam couldn't be any worse than home. He was wrong. Publishers Weekly says "Chilling...It tells how a youngster from Portland, Oregon matured in the crucible of combat...The reader is given a sense of what it's like to fight an unseen enemy who might appear anytime, anywhere and start shooting from ambush." Karl Marlantes, New York Times best selling author of "Matterhorn" calls "A Field of Innocence", "Powerful ...and riveting." Tim O'Brien, New York Times best selling author of "The Things They Carried" says, "With its raw realism and heartbreaking honesty...one of the finest Vietnam memoirs."

Editorial Review For Andreigo and the Weaver of Dreams: Book 1



Editorial Review For Andreigo and the Weaver of Dreams: Book 1

Andreigo and the Weaver of Dreams takes us into a world where dreams and reality often mix. This blurring reveals a universe full of both wonder and fear. In a small town shrouded in mystery, we meet Andreigo. At first glance, he seems like any other teenager, but he has a special ability to navigate the dream world.

As the story unfolds, Andreigo takes us on nightly adventures into a dream world as vast as the universe. Each night, he enters landscapes that stretch on forever yet feel intensely personal. In these dreamscapes, beauty and terror exist side by side, creating a story that captivates and scares us.

The depth of the book grows as Andreigo faces nightmares. These aren't just bad dreams; they are reflections of his deepest fears. These nightmares start affecting his daily life, challenging his sense of reality and pushing him to face his darkest thoughts. This psychological struggle draws readers in, showing the complexity of fear and the power of the mind.

The story then asks a big question: What if these dreams and nightmares mean something more? What if they show a destiny greater than Andreigo could imagine? This question drives the story, pushing Andreigo to find out what his gift really means.

Andreigo and the Weaver of Dreams is more than a coming-of-age story or a fantasy adventure. It dives deep into themes of destiny, self-discovery, and the fine line between the real and the supernatural. It makes readers think about the impact of their dreams and the unseen forces in their lives.

For anyone who has stared at the stars and wondered about the universe, or explored their own dreams for meaning, this book is a captivating journey. It encourages you to dream without fear and to think about the endless possibilities of life. In this book, every page hints at deeper truths, urging you to discover the treasures hidden in life's challenges.

Andreigo's journey is an exploration of fear, reality, and the boundless world of dreams, delivering a narrative that is as enlightening as it is enthralling.

Editorial Review For I've Never Been to France: She/Her (I’ve Never Been)



Editorial Review For I've Never Been to France: She/Her (I’ve Never Been)

Sara George's book tells the gripping story of Lauren, a character who goes through a lot. It takes us deep into her life, showing both tough and touching moments.

Lauren starts with what seems like a way out through quick money, but soon finds herself at a low point, looking for a way to stand on her own two feet. She looks for help but instead meets people who take advantage of her.

The story also takes us back to her early years in a small town, revealing a childhood that was anything but easy. We see how her past shaped her, with family troubles and painful events.

Despite these hardships, Lauren’s courage shines through. She is driven by a deep desire to find a better life and keeps moving forward.

This book is honest and raw. It shows how tough choices can be, especially when you’re fighting just to get by. But more than that, it celebrates the human spirit's ability to keep going, no matter what. Lauren's story is about finding strength, seeking love, and the hope of finding a place where she truly belongs.

Author Interview for Born in Space: Unlocking Destiny



Author Interview for "Born in Space: Unlocking Destiny"

Jeremy Clift

What inspired you to write Born in Space: Unlocking Destiny?

"Born in Space" is set in a not-too-distant future where Earth is becoming unlivable and humanity has expanded into space in search of new resources and habitats. The novel delves into complex family dynamics, particularly mother-daughter and father-daughter relationships, and examines how the vastness of space and the passage of time affect these bonds. The mother is a biologist, who grapples with doubts and guilt about her career choices and their impact on her family. The story follows the daughter, Teagan Ward, who claims seven test-tube babies created in a space lab as her own. The claim sparks a battle against a powerful mining corporation and an unscrupulous doctor hoping to populate the planets. This conflict, focused on strong female characters, explores themes of sacrifice, romance, and redemption against the backdrop of interstellar politics and corporate greed.

Incorporating strong female characters was a deliberate decision to challenge the traditional male-dominated narratives in science fiction and to craft a story that resonates with a diverse audience. By exploring these intricate relationships and the personal struggles of the female characters, I hope to portray their experiences as both powerful and deeply human, making them relatable and inspiring to all readers.

Can you talk about the seven infants in your story?

My aim was to create a Sci-fi series, because I learned from attending various writers’ conferences that this was the way to go. Stand-alone books were less easy to market. The seven infants open the way to a common storyline and additional books. Even if we do not follow all seven, we can look at some combination of them, with different themes. The seven are central to the plot, representing hope and the future of humanity. The next book is about the mother’s seeds of life project. These babies were created through advanced biotechnology, and Teagan Ward, the protagonist, claims them as her own, sparking a battle with a ruthless mining corporation and the unethical doctor in charge of the program. The infants symbolize the potential for new beginnings and the lengths to which a mother will go to protect her children, although it’s not certain that Teagan is the real mother.

The Cruelty of Magic



A warlord seeks the destruction of Runefall, and the end of magic, as a prophecy is met with doubt.

Kyra, a young woman capable of wielding rune magic, is called from her hidden city to a temple no one knows about. As Kyra wrestles with a prophecy, and wanting to save her city, a dwarven king leads his people to carve a new home for themselves but instead finds himself approaching divinity. 


On the other side of the world, a dark sewer hosts a father and son who escaped a tyrannical attack. They now hide and attempt to summon a golem for protection but learn something about magic that might change the world.


Intricate stories and deep lies connect peoples from all across the land. The actions of one may very well condemn the lives of another, even if they never meet.


Such is the cruel way of the world and the unforgiving cost of magic.

The Evolutionist



In a world on the brink of a scientific renaissance, humanity stumbles upon a black hole nearby—a revelation that redefines our place in the cosmos. It provides a limitless source of energy. Out of this discovery is born a technology eclipsing the Age of Electronics.

Yet, beneath the shimmering veil of progress, discord festers. Meet Kayhul, an investigator for the Reinformation Governance Board, who is drawn into a mysterious web spun by Qymac Ize, the enigmatic leader of the PANAR Society. Can Kayhul unravel the Society's motives in time to avert catastrophe, or is humanity destined to be a footnote in the long annals of cosmic history?

"The Evolutionist" delves into a provocative dialogue that grapples with ecology, technological transcendence, and the morality of extinction. It is a suspense-filled odyssey that explores the darkest corridors of human innovation and ideological extremism. 

Prepare for a mind-bending journey that will leave you questioning the very foundation of human existence.

Son of the Sanctumite: A Dark Fantasy of Sword and Sorcery (Ivory Saga Book 1)


When Kerra plunges her son into the river, she sets him on a path of blood and suffering. Taking his first steps, will he emerge the same person?

Kerra is the notorious matriarch of the valley known as Sanctum, a merciless leader of warriors known as the Ember Jackals, and a new mother. Since her initiation, all she’s known is a ravenous bloodlust. Now, her priority is the wellbeing of her son, Asher. Can she preserve their bond in the wake of her bloody history? Or will love turn to ire, as Asher learns the truth of the world and what it means to be an Ember Jackal?

Maya is the lowly Sanctumite charged with the honor of caring for Asher, but she harbors a dangerous secret: under cover of night, she regularly journeys into the forbidden lands beyond the veil. Her ultimate goal is to escape, but how can she hope to succeed with an Ember Jackal in her care? Can she trust Asher to protect her? Or will sentiment be her downfall?

Asher is a young boy caught unaware in a cruel world. For Kerra, he must struggle in combat, uphold the ancient traditions of his lineage and bear the sorrows they bring. For Maya, he must share his knowledge, guard her secrets, and undermine the laws of the valley. But what does Asher want for himself? And how can he reconcile the startling revelations he discovers?

Son of the Sanctumite is a character-driven, coming-of-age dark fantasy adventure perfect for readers who enjoy rich worldbuilding, layered characters with clashing motivations, and lively stories that delve into complex themes.