Roam Within (Author Interview)

Roam Within looks like an exciting story.  Can you tell us a little about it?

The story follows Macallah as she takes on a work project after her grandfathers passing.

She never met her mother, but seems to not carry the burden of it. Her grandfather made sure she understands that sometimes in this life you are called to pursue your path and that means leaving some people behind only to meet them again when the time is right. There's a lot of self-discovery elements throughout this book as well as LGBTQ bits towards the end. It is a story about diversity and love. A story about what it means to be now. Definite focus is on the feeling of not belonging to this modern human society as well as on the issues surrounding women's role in the same society. The book is divided into 5 sections & 23 chapters. Every section has its own title and a spiritual notion that's carried through as you progress with reading.


Any plans to turn it into a series?

Sure. To tell you the truth I‘ve been going back and forth between this story and some new texts. It came to the point when I had to literally ‘forbid’ myself to develop any new ideas until this one is finished and published. I’d love to just keep on writing, but since I’ve decided to take the self-publishing route, several months of focus on PR and marketing for this piece are necessary.


How long did it take you to write Roam Within?

10 years. Yes, seriously! 10 years :) The thing is — I started writing the skeleton of this story almost 10 years ago. I’ve then, opened a restaurant, my daughter was growing up and you know … life. But, throughout the years the story kept haunting me and I’d just had to write a page here and there, but the majority of the writing was done this year. This past summer.


Thats an amazing cover.  Can you tell us a little about it?

Aw, thanks! I come from the photography, production, documentary and fashion background, so the impact of the visual was always very important to me. Everything that I’ve ever done has

always contained a heavily visual note. For Roam Within: Macallah and the White World of Light I had several options, one of them was even a self-portrait, but I ultimately decided upon this sea shore from above. The colour of this visual draws me in every time I look at it and that’s the effect I hope it will carry in eyes of my readers as well. Also, this area where the sea and the shore collide is incredibly powerful as it shows us that no mater the differences in colour, texture, states of the matter, language or religion — this existence and this planet is made for everything and everyone to perfectly coexist.


What inspired the idea for your book?

The book began as a therapeutical vent for my own sanity. The thought was never — oh, you know, I’ll write and publish a book! — Not at all! It was more how the writing helped me to sum up my thoughts and feelings. Growing up, I’ve aways felt like an outcast. Different things interested me and I could not make myself fit the mould that was expected of me at any given time. The mould of a kid, the mould of a girl, woman, student, wife. I felt like a defective goods and I learned to embrace and love that. Early on I decided not to fight it but to own it. This notion is intertwined throughout this story. I hope!


How did you come up with the title for your book?

Well, the working version of the book has always been Macallah and the White World of Light. I thought I’d make a good title until one day this, sort of more general syntagma made much more sense for the book and the topic as a whole. Roam Within are the words that spread separately throughout this book and they kept popping at me in a way that could not be ignored.


What will readers get out of your book?

Such a tough question! The only way to answer this is to think about what I got out of this book. I got to think about stuff that was not necessarily on the top of my list, I got to re-think my values as a friend, as a mom, as a lover, as a human really. I managed to feel again some of the purest feelings that I only remember experiencing as a kid. Some of thoughts laid throughout this book made me change the perspective I’ve stubbornly held towards the world. Writing this was an inner adventure for me and that’s what I hope it will be for my readers as well.


What part of the book was the most fun to write?

A special fun and warm feeling went through me every time I’d introduce a new character. It was like a whole new world of possibilities emerged. After reading, a friend of mine told me that some of the characters were so important to the story that even though their part was perhaps short — it was crucial for understanding a particular situation. I loved that retrospective.


What was your hardest scene/section to write?

Any one of the sex scenes for sure! Those parts were very important for me to include in a way they seem as a regular situation that does happen to anyone in real life. I wanted them short and raw, as sex usually is. Also, I wanted those scenes to adhere to the characters journey as an experience inseparable from any other.


What do you like to do when not writing?

Anything creative. From photography, design, painting, cooking and baking. I immensely enjoy creating, it can be some project on my computer or especially if it’s creating with hands. Every year brings a new vibe and awakes a new interest in me that I pursue whenever I make the time. Also, I practice yoga, so I’m often found inverted in various places.


Where can readers find out more about your work?

My publishing brand carbonnomad just went online via link This is a new project and it’s something that’s been completely under my radar, but with every step it just makes so much sense. I would love to help more indie authors self-publish successfully and see them share there stories with as many readers as possible. So through the website I’ll be sharing any news about the new releases and authors. Also, we’re active on Instagram both through carbonnomad and my personal, Maya Realm, account.



Redneck Samoan and a Dead Cat: A Love Story - Volume 1 of 2

Dieter Dietz, an overweight, hard-drinking trucker finds love and redemption while traveling to the corporate headquarters of Ben & Jerry’s to scatter the ashes of his dead cat. Merle Haggard, a destitute woman with the ill fortune of sharing a name with a male country music icon, unwittingly becomes his travel companion. Join them on a quirky trip spanning the highways of America and the treacherous Appalachian Trail to the fishing docks of small-town Alaska, to the islands of American Samoa, to the world of Lucha libre in Mexico City. Discover the power of love and family in a uniquely strange journey.

The Book of Men

A war is brewing in the Heavens...

The Archangels were supposed to be the guardians of mankind – but after Lucifer’s infamous fall, the forces of evil began plotting humanity’s downfall. The Archangel Gabriel became the next to succumb to sin, leaving Archangel Michael locked in a devastating war against his brothers.

Brought together by a brewing conflict that threatens the mortal and supernatural realms, Gailen the Holy Knight is thrust into an unlikely partnership with a demon named Relic and a human lawyer named Auriel in a battle against the fallen Archangels and their army of demonic followers. With the weight of humanity resting on their shoulders, the trio must overcome their differences and use their unique talents to outwit the supernatural army and prevent a coming apocalypse.

They began as enemies, but now their survival depends on one another. Can Gailen find it in his heart to trust Relic and Auriel? Or will their suspicion and hostility spell the end of humanity and the Heavens?

The Road to Marietta

It’s the summer of 1930, August Violet Finnegan longs to be like other twelve year old girls, but she is not.

She is the daughter of a moonshine runner, who decides that she is getting in the way of his money-making business.

When August's father agrees to an unthinkable deal that will affect the rest of her life, she realizes she will need to grow up quickly in order to survive.

A series of events will lead her to a place she hopes to call home. She isn't there long when she realizes that won't be the case at all.

She learns the hard way that dark alleys in the city aren't the only place that bad people are to be avoided.

The Embalmer (Author Interview)

The Embalmer looks like an exciting thriller.  Can you tell us a little about it?

I had three questions that came to me over the years. One, what if an embalmer raises someone from the dead at his job? That’s interesting but just not enough for a compelling story. The next question really spiced it up. What if the person the embalmer raised from the dead was a serial killer that was never caught? Okay, now we are getting something very interesting, but it still lacked that kick to the stomach kind of feel that I was looking for. It was the last question that cinched it. What if this serial killer is the same person who killed the embalmer’s five-year-old daughter two years prior? WOW! C’mon, what do you do with that? You’ll have to find out in this award-winning novel. It’s crazy.


Any plans to turn it into a series?

I’m actually finishing the first draft of the sequel. Freddy Foley has some unanswered questions that need resolved. It’s time to face the demons, literally. This story is going to have more of the demonic supernatural twist to it.


That’s an amazing cover.  Can you tell us a little about it?

Yeah, I wanted that 80’s slasher movie type feel and I think we nailed it. You have the creepy guy in the distance with the fog and red all around him. His hand looks like it has a bladed glove like Freddy Krueger. Well, it does. Freddy Foley is a huge fan of Freddy Krueger in the story. So, yeah, we have a kick-butt cover that really draws you in. I’ve had people running across a field to get to my book table at a signing event just because of the cover. That’s fun.


What inspired you when writing The Embalmer?

I once had a friend invite me to his work. He was an embalmer. I took him up on the offer and he toured me around the place. It was crazy to me that just behind one-door where regular folk like me come in are dead bodies. We literally took two steps and there they were. The cold steel tables on wheels, white sheets, and lined up. It was nuts to me and felt so surreal. It was at that time the first question popped into my mind probably a decade ago when the tour happened. I’ve been kicking the idea in my head for quite a while. I’m so glad I didn’t rush the process and I let the story percolate to become what The Embalmer is today.


Can you tell us a little about Freddy?

Freddy is me. He is also you. He’s a guy that has lived through such a devastating tragedy of losing his daughter to a murderer. You and I perhaps have not had this happen exactly and pray it never does, but all of us have gone through tragedy of one degree or another. It tore him apart and he felt lost in life. It ultimately shattered his marriage and forced him to concentrate on work to keep his mind away from the terror and injustice of it all. Freddy has a close friend named George that is definitely the fan favorite for many. George is the comedy relief, but he goes deeper than that. He is a true friend that will stick to Freddy no matter what. What happens with the two of them before and after the killer comes back to life is something that will stick with us all for many years to come.


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing The Embalmer?

Yes, oh God, yes. The idea of writing about a madman like Stephen Murdock is crazy to think about. I entered into this man’s heart and mind and really pulled the covers away to show everyone the darkness that resides within. I think there is a darkness of some kind that resides in a lot of us to be honest. It was hard to write about him killing little children while thinking he was doing something right. Without giving anything away, Stephen felt like he was misunderstood by the media as he killed these innocent kids over the course of twenty-years. All of this takes place in my hometown of San Diego, CA.


What do you like to do when not writing?

I love to travel with my wife. We literally are on the road almost six-months of the year where we encourage other writers to build community and really go after the deeper storytelling. We want to pull the best out of people. I do this through speaking at conferences, workshops, radio shows, and personal coaching.

We also love being with our grandkids who are scattered in three different states. I not only write horror-thrillers, but I also write children’s books for my grandkids. The fifth book will be released early 2023. Nothing like presenting a book dedicated to them.


Where can readers find out more about your work?

My website,, is the best source. You can easily find me on all the social media channels. All of by books are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in eBook, paperback, some hardback, and audiobook. I write multiple genres from young adult epic fantasy, historical fiction, children’s books, and of course the horror-thriller novel, The Embalmer, which has several Hollywood endorsements.



One Visit

In sleepy, rural North Wales, Frankie Gibbs, a recently laid off, aimless twenty-year-old on Universal Credit, wants nothing more than to keep his younger brother out of the care system. He single-handedly takes this upon himself while their alcoholic, cocaine-addict, single-parent father, Guy Gibbs, heaps misery on their lives through systematic abuse and his never-ending wild parties. After Guy is sent to prison, Frankie is coerced into opening his home to Justin, an acquaintance from his school days now turned drug dealer, while his own addiction and self-worth spiral beyond recognition.

The Sentiments

Senada, leader of the Toderas, wants to steal the memories of every race throughout the universe to unlock the powers of the Dela Stone, one of the three Sentiments, that will break the barrier between the realm of the living and the dead. In doing so, he begins a revolution that awakens his ultimate enemy.

Klara is one of the last humans left on Earth. When she heads to New Orleans to find out why the disappearances are happening, she is abducted. She finds herself on a spaceship, in a body that isn’t her own and in the arms of a strange man who seems to recognise her.

Manta, the last survivor of the planet Berba, has gathered a team tasked with rescuing those taken by the Toderas. When he finds a familiar face, he must battle with his feelings and his past in order to stop Senada before the power-hungry dictator collects all three of the Sentiments: the most powerful tools in the universe.

The Libra (Author Interview)

The Libra looks like an exciting story.  Can you tell us a little about it?

This is about a boy born with exceptional abilities. He is so exceptional that everyone loves him. He's kind of like a ray of sunshine personality wise in addition to his powers, one of which is the ability to read minds or hear thoughts. There's one thing that hates him, and it torments him for being who or what he is.

How many books do you have planned for the series?

The Libra is a novelette. This is book is Part 1. There will be a Part 2. But the character Hassan made his first appearance as a character in my last published vampire book: The Vampire Raequan. (

So you can kind of look at The Libra as a spin off. I am tampering with some other things so The Libra will go on.

That’s an amazing cover.  Can you tell us a little about it?

It was actually designed by Arcane Covers. They did an amazing job. Will be using them in the future for Part 2.

The eyes represent the being that torments him, and he's walking in the woods because this is when he has his first brutal encounter with him.


What inspired the idea for your book?

I'm a libra. I did a lot of research on zodiac signs for fun but I also talked to other libras. We are fun people. We feel vibes. Things like that so I kind of embellished his powers a bit. The character himself is based on a friend I know as well.


Can you tell us a little about Hassan?

Hassan grew up in NJ during a time period when police were brutalizing blacks, so his parents were part of the Black Panthers. He lost his father at an early age. His father was strict. He was the smartest kid in class and loved to read.


How did you come up with the story and ideas in The Libra?

I used this character in a book before this one (The Vampire Raequan) and wanted to do more with him, like explain how he came to be what he is. He identified himself as A Libra, so I wanted everyone to know what he was.


What do you like to do when not writing?

I like to eat. Cook. I love naps. I enjoy watching movies.

I work a lot though. Full time General Manager.


Where can readers find out more about your work?

Amazon author page. 


My website


Follow me on Facebook







They Don't Hear Her Cries

Zenobia Jordan lacked attention from her father which caused her to look for love in the wrong places. She found herself on the tough streets of Irvington and Newark, New Jersey. Heartbroken, yet determined to find herself, Zenobia became the woman she vowed she would never be… Many of life’s traps became her new reality. Zenobia had one thing on her mind, survival.


Fog-shrouded Albion, the last land of myth and magic, is crushed under conquering Roman legions. Woad-painted tribesman, Artos, curses the gods for failing to lead the fightback. Only he can rise to the mantle of God of Revenge and lead the tribes and faerie folk to reclaim their druid-blessed isle. But corruption infests the old-world myths. Cerridwen, the Crone of Fate, commands her boggart followers to tinker at the edges of destiny. Her plans will stretch over nearly two millennia.

In another age, on the banks of the river Thames, rises London, the ravenous stomach of the British Empire. Here, the fading gods of Albion scheme to play their final hand in the one remaining borough where humans and faerie folk live together, the Marsh Worm Mile. Populated by motley street gangs, colorful, pungent markets, and secret curses, the Mile holds the key to deciding the fate of a near-forgotten pagan world.

Double-Dared Sol is the luckiest man in the city. With Shammy and Victor, he runs with the infamous street gang, the Guinea Dreadfuls. The recently come-of-age trio is drawn into the final act of centuries-long machinations when a stranger returns to claim an ancient birthright. Lifelong friendships are tested as the frayed threads of fate slowly knot together.

To whom belongs the scared heart of old Albion? An upstart deity with a chip on his shoulder? The faerie folk, as living, breathing descendants of myth itself? Or is it time for the people of London to finally let go of the superstitions which taunt and twist their thoughts and dreams?

Praise for WOAD

The thrilling tale follows Artos, a warrior like no other and a character you can’t turn away from, as he battles his way through the centuries of Britain. Full of Fey, goblins, crones, nymphs, and gods, both old and new, the world of James Isaac’s Woad is a must-visit for fans of violent fantasy, and possesses the same kind of epic imagination and fast-paced action found in American Gods by Neil Gaiman and the hugely popular video game, God of War.
-- Jonathan R. Rose, author of 
Carrion, The Spirit of Laughter, Gato y Lobo, and Wedlock.