Editorial Review for Don't Let Them Know by L.K. Lawrence



Editorial Review for Don't Let Them Know by L.K. Lawrence

Lucy Lyman, a stock trading assistant who's pretty much given up on finding love, starts having this super weird dream. It's not your average dream; it's one of those that stick with you, making you wonder what's going on. She dreams someone's watching her, but who? Is it creepy or kind of romantic? She's not sure, so she decides to camp out at the library, the place from her dream, hoping to catch this mysterious dream watcher.

Enter Davy Jones, and no, not the pirate, but a federal agent working undercover. The library is his chill spot, where he takes a break from his secret agent life. Little does he know, his life's about to get a whole lot more complicated when he bumps into Lucy.

So, what happens when Lucy's quest to solve her dream mystery and Davy's undercover life collide? It's not just about a missing package or crossing lines; it's about whether these two can handle the crazy mix-up without messing up Davy's cover or getting too caught up in the drama.

Don't Let Them Know is a mix of suspense, a bit of romance, and a good dose of "what the heck is going on?" It's like taking a roller coaster ride in the dark. You're not sure where the next turn is, but you're definitely in for the ride. Will Lucy and Davy figure it out without everything blowing up in their faces? You'll have to read to find out.

This book is for anyone who loves a good mystery with a sprinkle of romance and lots of twists. It's not your everyday story; it's got that "something special" vibe. So, if you're into solving puzzles and rooting for characters who are just trying to make sense of their messy lives, then Don't Let Them Know might just be your next favorite read.

A Sea Lion Sibling Story : An Adult Only Story



The author observed a silly sea lion interaction and decided to document the true event. This is not a story for children.

K.A. Rupp was born and raised in Southern California in the region known as the Inland Empire. She has traveled to several countries and has discovered beautiful people in each location. She loves mythology- particularly Greek- and when she visited the Parthenon she felt like a kid in a candy store. Without her parent's knowledge she began reading romance novels at the age of sixteen and will always have a tender place in her heart for Scottish Highlanders.

She wants her readers to submerse themselves into the short stories and to ride the waves of emotion that might rise within.

Editorial Review of The Training Grounds: Mystery of the Immortals by Jason Clark



Editorial Review of The Training Grounds: Mystery of the Immortals by Jason Clark

The Training Grounds: Mystery of the Immortals by Jason Clark is a breath of fresh air in the realm of sci-fi and fantasy, blending elements of both genres into a story that's as enthralling as it is unique. Clark, in his debut, crafts a world that's at once familiar and intriguingly new, setting the stage for a tale that's as much about the journey of self-discovery as it is about saving the world.

The protagonist, Darius, is your everyman— a farm boy with nothing but visions that he can't make heads or tails of. His invitation to the prestigious Training Grounds, a place where the elite train in the arts of warfare and elemental control, is as mysterious to him as his own unexplained abilities. Clark has a way of making Darius's confusion and curiosity contagious; you're immediately drawn into the mystery of why Darius was chosen and what his visions could mean.

What makes The Training Grounds stand out is its ensemble cast. Clark has a knack for character development, making each member of Darius's newfound group— from the skilled archer to the elemental wielder— feel like an essential piece of the puzzle. Their friendships feel real and their challenges, relatable. The dynamics within this group add a layer of depth to the story, blending the excitement of new alliances with the tension of hidden secrets.

The plot unfolds with a pace that keeps you hooked. The Training Grounds itself is a character—mysterious and filled with secrets waiting to be uncovered. The twists and turns as Darius and his friends peel back layers of deceit to uncover the truth about the academy, and potentially, about the world itself, are well-executed. Clark masterfully balances the elements of mystery, action, and even romance, without letting any one aspect overwhelm the others.

Perhaps the most compelling part of the book is the underlying mystery of Darius’s visions. The inclusion of the reaper weapon adds a sense of urgency to the narrative, weaving in an apocalyptic thread that raises the stakes for everyone involved. It’s this blend of personal stakes with world-ending implications that keeps the pages turning.

The Training Grounds: Mystery of the Immortals is not just a story about a group of young people training to become warriors; it’s about uncovering truths—both personal and universal. Clark's debut is a promising start to what could be a memorable series. For fans of both sci-fi and fantasy looking for something that straddles the line between the two, this book is a fantastic escape from reality. It leaves you questioning, right alongside Darius and his friends, not just what the future holds for them, but what it means to be truly powerful in a world filled with mysteries.




LIFE IS GOOD for eighth-grader Tom Grant. How could it not be in Pacific Ranch, the hottest new golf community on the Southern California coast? Weekends on the links are sprinkled with an occasional surf-session and the girl of his dreams lives a few blocks away. Innocent mischief, competition and camaraderie come into play as Tom and his three buddies carve out a charmed existence as regulars at Pacific Ranch Golf Club. All is right with the world until Tom learns that the very existence of PRGC is in imminent peril. Sworn to secrecy about the status of the club, he knows he must rally his friends to play the best golf of their lives in order to ensure the lifestyle they have all come to enjoy. Do the boys have what it takes to step up and pull off the impossible? What happens will change their collective lives—forever.

THE HISTORY OF THE FUTURE: THE FORBIDDEN BOOK about Planets, Space, Pets, Afterlife, Environment, Autocracy, Ideology, Democracy, Liberty, Corporations, Greed, Wealth, Deception and Karma



This novel is a compelling blend of imaginative science fiction and reflective insights, inviting readers to ponder the mysteries of the cosmos and the essence of human nature.

Are you ready to acknowledge the mistakes we make as a humanity and you as an individual who contributes to them?
Dive into the depths of the cosmos with 
The History of the Future: The Forbidden Book by Rem Statum. This intriguing science fiction novel explores the infinite possibilities of the universe through the story of Sudnum, a planet in a parallel galaxy. Told from the perspective of two Sudnum researchers, the book examines Sundum’s history and its impact on Earth’s future.

The History of the Future will challenge you to reflect on your thoughts and actions, by urging you to glean wisdom from the collective missteps of Sundum’s residents. In reality, are they actually that different from us?
The History of the Future initially received a great response on the planet Sundum and became one of the best-selling books, the so-called "bestseller". Soon, it was no longer available in its original form and was at least partially censored by various confederations. In the Sinistra Confederation, it was available without the part that talks about Dukalis and the Sinistra Confederation. It was similar to the Dextera Confederation, where the book did not contain the part on the Notanay and the Dextera Confederation. It was somewhat surprising that they did the same in the Neutrum Confederation and cut the part that explains Dognalom’s troubles in the Neutrum Confederation. In the Confederation of Independens, it was not available at all. It was only available to a very limited extent in the Traditionalistae Confederation.
The book is now available on planet Earth to give humans insight into the situation on planet Sundum. The inhabitants of Earth should think about this at least a little and learn something from their own mistakes and the mistakes of the inhabitants of the planet Sundum.

Rem Statum, with a rich background in international economics and experiences across various political and economic systems, infuses his storytelling with insights from his diverse life journey. His narrative not only entertains but also provokes thought about our place in the universe and the potential paths of our future.

This book presents the perfect reading delight to all the readers who enjoyed 
George Orwell's 1984 and Animal farm book or Peter Joseph's The Zeitgeist. If you enjoy in entertaining content that leaves a great impression on you, like Michael Moore Stupid White Men, Dude, Where's My Country and others, then it is necessary for you to get onboard with The History of the Future. To top your experience up, mix it up with Douglas Adams's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and you have a winner in your hands.

Kingdom's Con Men



Kingdom’s Con Men provides readers a satirical exploration of America’s current evangelical landscape, through the eyes of former childhood friends Roland Wade and Nicholas Johanson. They’re grifters—one an ordained minister, the other an atheist—who hit the road to target corrupt megachurch ministers.

"Raising offerings is a gift not every preacher possesses... If only thirty folks are gathered, I believe they've got my money among them. Even if one person gives it all, I'm still gonna meet my goal. If it takes three or four collections in a single service, rest assured, by the time I leave that pulpit every ounce of available cash'll be collected, be it from belts, boots, brassieres, you name it." ~Pastor C. T. Lathaniel

"It's why I despised prosperity gospel and developed a strong distaste for the ministers who preached it. I hated how they manipulated believers in their quest for wealth instead of souls. If allowed to, they would've flipped folks upside down, in the name of Jesus, and claimed every penny plummeting from their threadbare pockets... To earnest but beguiled believers, their pastors' prosperity was proof of the promise of their own. But they failed to grasp prosperity gospel's greatest hidden irony: believers' sacrificial giving ensured their pastors were the only ones, regardless of faith or sacrifice, guaranteed to prosper," ~Roland Wade

"l know you're for real, Roland. But what about the preachers who aren't? They're the real scammers, right? Taking advantage of people. Poor people. Vulnerable people. Hell, taking advantage of you. They deserve the same treatment. They're the ones we should hit... Hell, Roll, let's just try it. Pick a few of those crooked pastors you mentioned—the cheats and liars—and hit 'em," ~Nicholas Johanson

"Banned by 1000 churches!"

"The best banned book you may never read."

The Vanishing Ballerina: A Bobby Bocchini Mystery (Author Interview)



How did the character of Bobby Bocchini come to life in your mind, and what inspired you to make him a former NYPD detective and Marine?

Bobby is an amalgamation of several much-love characters. Some are from my childhood and some from the pages of my favorite novels, and the silver screen. I wanted him to be an honorable and determined character, and I think the NYPD and the Marine Corps embody many of those principles.

In The Vanishing Ballerina, Bobby grapples with personal challenges as well as professional ones. What made you decide to explore both his emotional journey and the mystery plot in equal measure?

Life isn’t one dimensional, and I know I enjoy characters that are fully formed. Only in fairy tales do we run into perfect people with perfect lives. Most of us have problems and challenges, along with our triumphs. I wanted Bobby to ring true to life.

Can you tell us about the research process that went into depicting the ballet world and the criminal network Bobby encounters?

I can’t say that I have expert knowledge of ballet, or organized crime, for that matter. I admire dance and especially ballet, for its grace, beauty, and innocence. In doing research for our True Crime podcast. I am all too familiar with people and organizations that seek to exploit the young and helpless. I wanted there to be a stark contrast in the book. Good vs evil, light vs darkness. I even tried to carry that theme into the design of the cover art.

Editorial Review of Black-Throated Blue Warbler by Jordan P Spalding



Editorial Review of Black-Throated Blue Warbler by Jordan P Spalding

Black-Throated Blue Warbler isn't just a book; it's a captivating journey into the world of a tiny but mighty bird navigating life's trials and tribulations. Jordan P Spalding's novella, set in the lush White Mountain National Forest, offers animal and nature fiction sprinkled with coming-of-age elements. At 20,000 words, this cozy, descriptive tale filled with clever action set pieces is a perfect weekend read.

The story follows a warbler as she enters her third spring, fresh from wintering in the Bahamas. Spalding's skillful narrative invites us into her world, where the warbler encounters other birds like the inquisitive Hermit Thrush and a naïve Ovenbird. She also spends a great deal of time alone or with her mate. The warbler's journey is not just physical but emotional, as she navigates the complexities of being 'different' in a world where difference isn't always celebrated.

The narrative cleverly juxtaposes the warbler's life with that of an Eft, illustrating the diverse paths life can take. Spalding’s writing shines in these moments, drawing poignant parallels between their existences. The story takes a deeper dive into themes of rejection, resilience, and hope when the warbler’s nesting attempts are challenged, first by a dismissive male and then by the harsh realities of nature.

What makes Black-Throated Blue Warbler stand out is its ability to humanize its avian characters. The warbler's eventual mate, a social and charming male with a difficult past, adds interest to the story. Their struggle against natural predators like the Blue Jays, especially the formidable WhiteHead, makes for an exhilarating read, while the involvement of human researchers adds a layer of intriguing complexity.

The book culminates in a heartening but realistic open ending; no absolute resolution or definitive closure. Spalding's blend of factual bird behavior with fictional storytelling crafts a narrative that is as educational as it is entertaining.

Black-Throated Blue Warbler is a beautifully written, insightful, and engaging novella that will resonate with anyone who enjoys nature, wildlife, and stories of resilience and survival. It’s a delightful read that brings the world of a small bird to vast, vivid life.

Editorial Review: Stone Cold: A Cameron Stone Action Thriller by Thomas LeBrun



Editorial Review: Stone Cold: A Cameron Stone Action Thriller by Thomas LeBrun

Stone Cold: A Cameron Stone Action Thriller by Thomas LeBrun is one heck of a ride! The book throws you straight into the heart of New York City, where Cameron Stone and Raines, with some brave NYPD folks, are up against a massive threat. Imagine the city's entire infrastructure on the brink of destruction – yeah, that kind of intense.

The action is non-stop, and impressively, the fight scenes are notably realistic. Raines and Cameron are like these superhero types, fighting terrorists and trying to keep New York safe. The hand-to-hand combat and tactical engagements are described with such detail and authenticity, you almost feel the punches and hear the gunfire.

But it's not all high-fives and victory dances; things get pretty personal and tough for our heroes. Raines gets shot, and Cameron's world turns upside down when his pregnant girlfriend, Sara, is hit by a poisoned bullet. Talk about high stakes!

Cameron's journey through this mess is something else. He's usually Mr. Cool and Collected, but with Sara's life hanging by a thread, he goes full "Stone Cold." You can feel his pain and rage leap off the pages. It's not just a story about good guys chasing bad guys; it's a deep dive into what pushes a man to the edge.

The story doesn't just stick with Cameron's turmoil, though. There's a whole crew of interesting characters – like Michael, Cameron's stepbrother, and some seriously creepy villains from the Far East. The showdown between these forces is epic, with fight sequences that are so meticulously crafted, they rival real-life close-quarters combat scenarios. I mean, you've got psychopaths, tech geniuses, and all sorts of twists that keep you glued to the book.

Thomas LeBrun has done a fantastic job of mixing heart-pumping action with real human drama. It's not just another action thriller; it's a story about loss, revenge, and the blurry lines between right and wrong, all wrapped up in a package of gripping, realistic action. If you're into action-packed books that also make you think and feel, Stone Cold should definitely be on your reading list.

Another Sunset: An Epic of War and Love (Author Interview)



What inspired you to write Another Sunset: An Epic of War and Love?

This is actually a good one. On a random evening of April 2023, I was at the Bar du Champagne in Amsterdam, the city where I live. I was with three girls that I know, and one of them had recently written and published her first book. Nonchalantly, after a couple of glasses of champagne wine I asked her how many copies she had sold. She said 10k, and that blew me away. She’s brilliant, but I didn’t know it was possible to sell so many copies. Then she told me she self-published it, and that’s when I had my first aha moment. After more glasses of champagne and having accompanied her safely home, I started thinking about her achievement. And then my second aha moment: if she has done that, I can do that as well. The day after I made my decision. I was going to become a writer.

How did your family history influence the characters and story in Another Sunset?

Other great question. The characters of Giulio and Alice are partially inspired by my grandfather and my grandmother from my mother’s side, who also met in Siena, fell in love, were separated by the war, and eventually ended up like Giulio and Alice. Not spoiling the ending of the book here, but my grandparents really experienced something slightly similar to what I describe in my book. Their story is just one of the many stories about World War II that still needed to be told.

Can you share your experience in blending fictional characters with real historical figures in the book?

The core of Another Sunset, is that the stories starred by my fictional characters haven’t happened, but could have happened, because they’re all realistic. And I’m sure that similar people who really existed have interacted with historical figures like the reader will see in my book. For example, the bromance between Filippo and the German ace Marseille (who really existed) is just a story of boys’ friendship like we’re all familiar with. Funny fact – the crazy weekend of Filippo and Marseille with parties and girls is fictional, but the way less likely bravado of Marseille in Rome is actually a real and documented fact! I also wanted to show the human side of historical characters. For examples, the German General Rommel at some point will show his feelings, and face his fate as a man who’s willing to love and to protect his family until the bitter end.