The Light of Silver: A Slavic-Inspired Fantasy Novel with Elements of Mystery and Romance

Those beautiful eyes, shining the light of silver.

Oldřich Lýnhart, the King of Lemaria, hires a group of hunters to dispatch a monster, hidden deep in the forests of Podkray. Salvyra, a girl of seventeen, finds herself at one end of the conflict - she who loves that monster; she who would die for that monster; she who would kill for that monster. That monster is none other than Vilod, a veritable artist and saint, whose only sins are his disfigured looks and divergent nature. The group of hunters, called the Seílgars, care not for a monster's personality. Quick to judge, they have only one thing in mind. Extermination.

Referin Tállier, a member of the Seílgars, stands in the middle of it all. After being unable to prevent a tragedy, Referin starts questioning the nature of things. Not fate but choices bring Salvyra and Referin together. Pelted by dangerous creatures, moral conundrums, and encounters with eccentric characters, the two of them end up sharing everything; personal growth, moral ambiguity, and a determination to keep moving. Despite the obstacles. And to the end.

The Invisible Red String: A love story that transcends time, place, and circumstance (Author Interview)

What inspired you to weave the concept of the 'invisible red string' into a contemporary love story?

Just as the ink flowed, destiny introduced Peter, a maestro of publicity, who breathed fresh vitality into my beloved tomes. Our partnership outdid mere professionalism, as we ventured into profound discussions.

Though oceans and cultures separated us, our bond defied all geographical and societal limits. An extraordinary friendship bloomed, soaring beyond continental boundaries and perceived disparities. We harmonized like yin and yang, merging our creative sparks. Our motto- ‘Healing Hearts, Breaking Barriers’ Amidst our carefree banter and ceaseless conversations, knowing Peter's incredible writing talent, I proposed the idea of blending our creative energies, giving birth to 'The Invisible Red String.' Much like our friendship, which effortlessly traversed racial, cultural, and continental divides, this timeless love tale stands as a testament to the force of breaking barriers. Through our words, we shattered the constraints of time, space, race, culture, and class, birthing a literary masterpiece: 'The Invisible Red String: A Love Story That Transcends Time, Place, and Circumstance.' It's an epic of boundless love, etched into the threads of destiny."


Retired detective Tobias “Swede” Atkins is in for a rollercoaster ride. Battling post-coma challenges, a perplexing ex-wife, and accusations of arson, his world spirals into a tangled web of suspicions and doubts. As he navigates a town on the edge of chaos, a woman’s desire to turn a restaurant into a battleground unravels a historic murder and concealed secrets fanned by the mountain’s fiery whispers. Swede discovers the past haunts the present and truth is as elusive as mountain winds.

Scepter of the Gods: The Rod of Truth (Author Interview)

Can you talk about the origin of the title "Scepter of the Gods: The Rod of Truth" and how it ties into the book's themes and story?

The title first occurred to me about fifteen years ago when I was envisioning the overall storyline but the initial story first occurred to me forty years ago as part of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I created. The idea needed a lot of work and over the years as I saw our technology develop and became fascinated with other things in the news and on TV programs, I evolved how I saw this storyline. I can’t be more specific than that because it would give away spoilers to not only The Rod of Truth, but to the subsequent four books in the series as well. Back to the title question, I knew that the story was too much for one book. I decided to break it into five books but I needed each book to have a standalone purpose so that I wouldn’t have what happens in a lot of series, which is an installment that only serves as a bridge but isn’t a standalone story. To me that isn’t good storytelling. So rather than having one relic or treasure that was the object of a quest, I decided it would be a better story if there were pieces of one relic that had to be assembled. The characters would have to rebuild a powerful item with capabilities mostly unknown until they fully assembled it having faith in a legend that stated this item would restore their civilization. So, I then decided what these pieces would be and gave them names, deciding that the first book would be about the core piece of the scepter, that being a rod and called it the Rod of Truth. The second book will be titled The Rings of Azimuth because one ring will go at each end of the rod, but that’s all I will say about that yet. Each item or piece, such as the Rod of Truth, has properties that tie to values and character and themes that bridge spirituality and functional realism. Each piece also will tie to something having to do with one of our main characters such as Alex and truth, of Phelia’s medallion which for now shall remain an enigma.

The Broken Prince (The Lavender Company Book 1) (Author Interview)

Can you share your inspiration for the character of Tristan and his journey from a broken heir to a potential ruler?

For a while, I've been intrigued by the idea of a prince being forced to flee his falling kingdom. There were a few ways I could have achieved this, but in the end, I went with family drama. The problem is, there are a lot of stories out there where an angry relative steals the throne, going right back to the ancient myths and legends. So, what I wanted to do with Tristan was build a character who frankly deserved to have his throne stolen, and then see if he could piece himself back together. After all, who doesn't love a good redemption arc?

How did you go about creating the world for The Broken Prince, and what research did you conduct to depict a magicless world inspired by Medieval Earth?

I certainly had to dig through a lot of history books, but it was fun! I studied history at university, so it was great to play with my historical knowledge in a more relaxed format. Most of the factions and kingdoms of Eldra are heavily based on real, historical peoples. The entire world is really a sandbox for history nerds like me to enjoy seeing different armies and technologies that never met in real life face off against each other. None of them are one hundred percent accurate—I've changed a few things for narrative purposes, and a few others for the sake of making sure the world makes sense—but hopefully people will be able to spot the real cultures that I reference.

Who Okayed This?! The Riveting Life of Grant Davis

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- P.E. Barrington, the internationally acclaimed award-winning author announces his Amazon #1 Bestseller "Who Okayed This?! The Riveting Life of Grant Davis" is a gripping thriller based on true events.

If you are looking for a novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat, look no further than "Who Okayed This?! The Riveting Life of Grant Davis" by Philip E. Barrington.

This award-winning novel will keep you hooked from start to finish. It's based on a true story of a man who was betrayed by his friends and had to run for his life from the perils of corruption from both sides of the law.

Son Of The Sun: ATLANTEN

Vesa Lumielle, a real adept on Atlantis times, continues the fantasy/reality re-creation of those long-ago days in Son of the Sun. Returning to the sinking of Atlantis, he brings alive characters—a king-priest, priestesses, magicians, teachers—and of course a love story as the Ondal Atlanteans, who live in the teachings of light, seek out a few cave dwellers on the Nile River to begin educating them in magic science. Meanwhile, most of the Atlanteans have fallen prey to underworld darkness. The Ondals set up a mystery school for the young Earthlings while also engaging in last-ditch efforts to save their island, which of course fail. He writes: “It's time to depart the past, and after watching the black waves, white foams, Thoth speeds up the Helios, and majestically, this ship illuminates the night sky, arriving for the last time from sunken Atlantis. The few thousand Atlanteans in the Land of Kem and tens of thousands around the globe will struggle to lift man from the caves to an Age of Light.” Poetical in style, imaginative and historical sounding, Son of the Sun brings alive a reenactment that keeps the reader enthralled, perhaps musing over what really happened. Once again, the fate of Atlantis is in the hands of a few, the direction they set the Earth course in recounted.

A Quick One, While He's Away (Lies, Truths, and Silence) (Author Interview)

Can you talk about the significance of the title "A Quick One, While He's Away" and how it relates to the overall themes of the book?
The title is actually a reference to the Netflix show BoJack Horseman. It’s the title of an episode that stuck with me, being centered around characters trying to crack a mystery and uncover a hidden truth. I think that’s what my characters are going through in this book, and it felt like a fitting title for their struggles. It also may hint at something that could be revealed in the sequel.

What inspired you to create the character of Dario, and how did you develop his backstory and motivations?
Dario was my attempt at deconstructing the typical noir style detective/action hero. He’s a character with a major chip on his shoulder and something to prove, having lived in someone else’s shadow for the entirety of his adult life. He jumps headfirst into this mystery and is almost immediately outclassed by his adversaries. He’s what I imagine would happen to most people who love to fantasize about what they’d do in dangerous scenarios.

Chloe's journey in the book is one of transformation from grief to action. How did you approach writing a character going through such an intense emotional arc?
Writing in the female perspective was something I got some practice doing in my last book, They Laugh Like Jackals, but I never felt like I quite nailed it. I needed some advice, so I turned to my dear friend Rebeca Reyes, a woman who’s endured a lot of emotional trauma and loss in her life but has turned into something positive by becoming a doctoral candidate and educator. I asked her what her grief was like, how long she was in it, how it affected her mindset, and how she emerged from it. Her in-depth answers were instrumental in shaping Chloe’s journey, which is not yet finished. Readers will have to wait for the sequel to see how it plays out, but we definitely see the beginnings of who she can become.

Poisoned Leaves: A Green Witch Mystery (Author Interview)

What inspired you to set your story in a magical version of Sydney?

Sydney is a magical city all on its own, and for me, it's not just a setting; it's home. Sydney’s unique blend of natural beauty, rich Aboriginal history, and vibrant neighbourhoods make it the perfect backdrop for a fantasy world.

The lush landscapes, from the iconic eucalyptus trees to the vibrant native flowers, provide a vivid canvas where nature and magic dance together. Sydney's diverse neighbourhoods, from the bustling CBD to the serene coastal beaches, offer a tapestry of settings and atmospheres for the story to unfold. The fusion of modern architecture and historic landmarks adds depth to the urban landscape, creating a visually captivating backdrop for our characters' adventures.

Sydney's multicultural and cosmopolitan character mirrors the diverse cast of magical beings in the story, allowing for a seamless integration of different cultures and magical traditions. The city's vibrant energy and sense of possibility align perfectly with the story's themes of discovery, transformation, and the coexistence of the ordinary and the magical.

And where else can you find a mage passionately debating with a surfer about the best spell to catch the perfect wave at Manly Beach?

PS. The book uses Australian English spelling so don't be surprised if you catch the occasional "mate" slipping through the pages. Consider it a free lesson in Aussie slang, but don't worry, I keep the kangaroos and koalas to a minimum.

The Scarlet Letter: Annotated with Chapter Summaries and Ending Note

Amazon Best Seller

Embark on a journey into the haunting world of Puritan-era New England through the pages of Nathaniel Hawthorne's timeless masterpiece, "The Scarlet Letter." What sets this edition apart is its distinctive features that enhance your reading experience.

Unique Elements:

  •  Unravel the narrative with insightful chapter-by-chapter summaries that provide a deeper understanding of the story's nuances.
  •  Delve into final thoughts with an exclusive ending note that offers a unique perspective on the story's themes and characters."
  •  Feast your eyes on a unique and captivating cover design that captures the essence of this literary gem, making it a standout addition to your collection.

"Step into the 17th-century world of 'The Scarlet Letter,' where Hester Prynne, marked with the scarlet letter 'A' for forbidden love, leads a journey of resilience and defiance. Encounter complex characters like Reverend Dimmesdale, tormented by hidden turmoil, and Roger Chillingworth, consumed by revenge.

Nathaniel Hawthorne's vivid prose blends history and timeless themes, prompting reflection on the age-old struggle between personal desires and societal norms. Immerse yourself in this thought-provoking exploration of the human condition. Discover why 'The Scarlet Letter' has captivated generations and continues to shed light on the depths of the human soul. Dive into this enduring literary masterpiece."

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