Author Interview: The Sneeze Collector

What inspired you to write about a Sneeze Collector?

The moment you need to sneeze and then it goes away. That frustrating feeling could be completely different if you realised it didn’t just go away, it was stolen! 

How did you come up with the character of Summer?

Impatient, curious, a good heart and an urge to complete any mission he starts. He’s not too unlike myself.

Can you share more about the mysterious man only Summer can see?

This is the sneeze collector, a large and ominous-looking figure. Is he dangerous? Or could he be a hero in disguise?  One thing is for sure, he loves hot chocolate!  

What are some of the crazy inventions in the book?

Invisibility is a big thing, a good sneeze collector won’t get very far if he or she is walking around in plain sight. And how do you collect the sneezes? And where do you store them? These all need clever inventions too.

You included performing pigeons and terrifying tigers; why these animals?

There’s a lot more animals in the book. But I chose to highlight these. Alphonso the pigeon is very talented and has quite a big role! And the twin tigers ‘Thunder and Lightening’ make their presence felt in only the way two terrifying tigers could!

The book has bullies; how do these characters add to Summers adventure?

Ben, Summer’s school bully is not a nice person. Every time Summer tries to make progress Ben seems to be in his way. Can Summer finally get his revenge? He’s going to have to be inventive! 

What was your favourite part of writing this story?

The beginning, seeing it start to grow and blossom. I enjoyed finding solutions when I become stuck at certain sections, that seems to happen when I’m in the shower! For some reason. I liked developing the characters and I truly love the ending! Why? You know there’s one way to find out ;)

How do you hope kids will feel after reading your book?

I sincerely hope they enjoy the story and it’s entire journey. And I also hope that for the rest of their days, whenever they feel the need to sneeze but it just goes away, they will think did it really go away or was it… the sneeze collector!   

Are there any real-life lessons you want your readers to learn from The Sneeze Collector?

Life is tough, we all need a helping hand now and again, you don’t have to do it all alone.

            And don’t be so quick to judge people, everyone is going through something, they might be                    hero in disguise.

Editorial Review For Unveiling Revelation: The Approaching Storm

Editorial Review For Unveiling Revelation: The Approaching Storm

Unveiling Revelation: The Approaching Storm by James Kiely delves deep into the mysteries and prophecies of the biblical Book of Revelation, presenting it in an accessible and engaging manner. This book emerges from eight years of diligent study and commitment to making a complex subject understandable for modern readers.

Kiely's work is well-structured and engaging, making it hard to put down once you start reading. He successfully ties together various scriptural elements, providing a comprehensive view of biblical prophecies and their implications for today. The book’s approach is both educational and enlightening, potentially life-changing for readers as it opens their eyes to new interpretations and understandings of scripture.

Readers who enjoy thorough scriptural analysis accompanied by clear and insightful interpretations will find this book immensely rewarding. It's recommended for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of biblical prophecies, especially those concerning the end times. Whether you are a scholar, a devout follower, or simply curious about biblical revelations, Kiely’s book promises to be a valuable addition to your library.

Diamond Blood (Diamond Blood - Shadow Ice Saga Book 1)

Book 1 of the Shadow Ice Saga, meets Estella Vincent. Once a proud vampire, Estella has spent centuries playing second fiddle to the man she loved. Her undead existence, although one of luxury and pomp, is unbecoming. Though she wants for nothing, Estella grows bored and feels the need to reignite the fire which has long dimmed.

After a sordid dalliance with the wrong kind of monster, Estella’s entire existence is threatened beyond all imagination. Pregnant with a hybrid entity, an unnatural occurrence that wasn’t supposed to happen, the consequence is dire.

Fearing not just for herself but for the new life she carries, Estella goes into hiding preparing for the ultimate battle that lies ahead.

Diamond Blood is a dark fatalistic story where love, lust and survival co-exist in the murky depths of the dark Underworld.

All Roads Lead

 A cuckolded groom, a gay man obsessed with his closeted lover, and a young woman impregnated via “stealthing” take a road trip to confront their personal demons.

All Roads Leadis a fast-paced, road-trip novel with nuance, humor, and unforgettable characters. When Alex Bergman learns that his fiancĂ©e has been cheating on him, he enlists his gay best man, Jeremy, and Jeremy’s younger sister, Jennie, to wreak havoc on the bride-to-be. They devise a plan to torch the wedding not at the altar but at the reception for maximum effect. Their over-the-top caper is shared on social media and goes viral. The three of them head out of town to NYC with no ultimate destination in mind.

While in New York, they map out a cross-country journey to attempt to find closure. In Nashville, Jennie visits the Vanderbilt student who impregnated her. In Chicago, Jeremy gives an ultimatum to his closeted and married long-time lover. They end up in Boulder, where Alex meets the biological father and half-sister he never knew existed – and learns family secrets he can never reveal.

The Greater Good

Stunning medical advance or unimaginable nightmare? "... A fast-moving, hard-hitting medical thriller..." -Bestthrillers

Have you taken a home DNA test, or know someone who has? The Greater Good concludes with an examination of the state of genetic privacy and presents questions you should ask BEFORE sending in that sample.

"... (The Greater Good) illuminates the social challenges we all face from DNA diabolical twist after's medical thriller with high stakes." 
-John Tierney, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Dr. Jonathan Morrison saves his son's life with a kitchen knife, but finally realizes he has been in denial about the true cause of his son's worsening symptoms. When he is contacted by Advanced Genomic Research, their promise of creating a revolutionary new treatment for his son seems too good to be true. And there is a catch. He is faced with an impossible choice- abandon a possible cure for his son, or embrace an ethical compromise that will change him forever. His painful journey unearths a shocking revelation that will lead to either redemption, or damnation...and the death of countless unsuspecting victims, including everyone he loves.

" adrenaline-pumping journey through the ethical gray won't wanna put this one down, and when you do, you'll be itching to chat about it with anyone who'll listen!"
 -NetGalley Reviewer

"...a medical thriller must-read..."
 -Readers' Favorite

Perfect for fans of Robin Cook and Tess Gerritsen.

Editorial Review: Revelations: Menelik's Dagger

Editorial Review: Revelations: Menelik's Dagger

Revelations: Menelik's Dagger by Davie Fairbanks whisks readers off to 2014 Ethiopia—a place where the thin line between myth and reality blurs. The novel starts off in diverse locations: Rome, London, and Ethiopia, with the discovery of Menelik's dagger—a legendary artifact that triggers an ancient prophecy, jeopardizing the fate of many.

This book masterfully blends history with mystery, integrating real-world events to seamlessly blur the lines between fiction and reality. Fairbanks crafts a compelling narrative where every detail counts; every chapter propels the plot forward. The story follows four main characters—a Priest, a Philanthropist Billionaire, an Assassin, and a Theologist—whose individual journeys are intricately woven together by greater powers, yet their connections remain a tantalizing mystery to the readers.

Characters from different walks of life are drawn together, each playing a pivotal role in the unfolding events. They must collaborate to navigate the challenges that arise, driving the story toward a convergence of characters against a backdrop of prophecy. The narrative is paced within an inch of its life, layering complex themes and subtext, leaving readers eager to discover what happens next.

If you appreciated the intricate plotting and historical intricacies of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons or The Da Vinci CodeRevelations: Menelik's Dagger promises even more excitement. Dive into this journey to find out if they succeed or fail—this book was AMAZING!

Editorial Review For Timewrecked: Collision With Destiny

Editorial Review For Timewrecked: Collision With Destiny

In VV Sinclair's Timewrecked: Collision With Destiny, readers are thrust into a high-stakes adventure with Elizabeth Sapphire, a temporal scientist from the 26th century. The novel begins as Sapphire finds herself stranded in 1909 New York City, a time and place far from the advanced society she knows. With no time machine, her only companion is her cat, and her only hope is to locate and refuel her lost U-boat designed for time travel.

Sinclair masterfully constructs a narrative that is as much about survival as it is about the ethics of time manipulation. Sapphire's quest is complicated by the Anacron enforcers—a group dedicated to preserving the timeline—who are relentlessly pursuing her. The tension escalates with the introduction of Primeval, a nefarious time cult intent on using Sapphire's discoveries to reshape history for their own dark purposes.

The book's pacing is brisk, moving readers through a series of close encounters and tight escapes that underscore the perilous nature of time travel. Sinclair raises compelling questions about destiny and consequence, making readers ponder the potential impacts of changing history.

Timewrecked: Collision With Destiny is not just a tale of time travel; it's an exploration of the responsibilities that come with power. This first installment of the Sapphire Chronicles sets a strong foundation for a series that promises even greater challenges and deeper inquiries into the fabric of time itself. Readers looking for a blend of historical intrigue and futuristic technology will find much to enjoy in this imaginative tale. Grab your copy and join Elizabeth Sapphire as she navigates the treacherous waters of time, destiny, and ethics.

Disturbing Remains : Dr. Kaili Worthy Series Book 3

In 'Disturbing Remains,' Derek, Kaili's husband, finds himself thrust into a chilling investigation when only a torso is discovered by the police. Racing against time as more gruesome body parts surface, Derek and his team delve deeper into a twisted maze of murders begging to be solved.

Meanwhile, Kaili seeks solace during a sabbatical but is drawn into an unexpected adventure. Assisting her friend Dr. Doris Wolf's discovery of the Canadian Ice Maiden, Kaili utilizes her remarkable ability to communicate with mummies through a spirit box. Together, they venture to unlock the secrets of the Maiden, probing whether she can speak through this otherworldly device.

In this riveting tale of suspense and discovery, 'Disturbing Remains' intertwines Derek and Kaili's divergent paths, blending the unearthly with the all-too-real in a race against time to unearth the truth hidden within ancient and modern mysteries alike.

Infliction Point: A Zach Axton Thriller

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. FBI agent Zach Axton is about to come face to face with it.

Zach Axton is in a dark place. The love of his life has been brutally murdered by a man ruled unfit to stand trial. Kayla, who also happened to be the Senator’s daughter, is gone forever, and so is any opportunity for justice. However, Senator Reynolds, whose life has been torn to shreds, isn’t prepared to give up yet. He’ll do just about anything to get revenge on the monster who took his little girl away. If he has to twist a few arms or break a couple fingers in the process, so be it.

But this time, Bradley Reynolds’ 
unconventional methods have gone too far.

Those who lie and run away, live to lie another day.
Meanwhile, Axton is pulled out of the darkness when the prisoner in an experimental government program designed to increase brain functioning escapes in a violent confrontation. Axton’s unmatched skills in profiling and hunting serial killers are essential to tracking down a brilliant psychopath.

The secret to his success is being able to place himself right into the sick, twisted, calculating mind of a murderer. Not that this could ever backfire, right?

I am listening. I am watching.

Can this skilled operative take down a man who is becoming faster, smarter, and more dangerous every waking second before the city of Austin, Texas, is demolished?

A thread of despair named Kayla still connects Axton and Reynolds, but there’s something else too. Something big, waiting in the shadows.

I am the man behind the black curtain.

A spiraling FBI agent with unparalleled skills. A murderer with limitless intelligence. A U.S. Senator with nothing to lose. Who is the hunter…and who is the prey?

You will not speak my name.

Infliction Point is the cinematic first book in the Zach Axton thriller series. If you like flawed characters, fast-paced action, unpredictable twists, and unputdownable drama, then you’ll devour Mark Hacker’s riveting adventure.

Tipping Point: Climate Fiction Thriller (Robert Spire Thriller Book 1)

When eminent climatologist, Dr Dale Stanton - in the process of studying the Atlantic Ocean's Thermohaline Circulation - is found dead in his London apartment, environmental lawyer, Robert Spire, is given the task to administer a large legacy left by Dr Stanton in his will. The job should have been straightforward, until a second climatologist drops dead on the other side of the Atlantic...

When Spire's client engages him to look further into her son's death, it soon becomes apparent that not all is as it seems. Spire soon discovers he is under surveillance and an attractive female Russian spy is tracking his every move. Is she involved in the mysterious deaths of the two climatologists? And if so, why?

Spire is soon thrust into an international conspiracy involving a terrorist plot to push the Arctic to its tipping point, and the world to disaster...

Welcome to GLENCOM, an acronym for Global Environmental Command, a semi-secret, massively funded, British Government Department. The world is facing very real and increasingly dangerous environmental threats. GLENCOM and their most reliable agent, Robert Spire, have been tasked to deal with the most urgent and pressing ones… Let's all pray he succeeds.

TIPPING POINT is a fast-paced, unputdownable climate-change thriller, with terrorism elements that will keep you turning the pages until the very end. If you like James Rollins, Brett Battles, Clive Cussler, and the action and adventure of a James Bond movie then you will love the entire Robert Spire Action Thriller series.

Pick up your copy and start reading Tipping Point today!

"Simon Rosser's scientific and psychological thriller "Tipping Point" is one of the best I have read in the past decade. He has a gift for fluent narrative, realistic characterization and for creating settings that come vividly to life for the reader. He blends tension and suspense very successfully against the contemporary background of global warming and its sinister implications.

--Author, TV presenter and Priest Lionel Fanthorpe -