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Our mission is to bring you the latest and greatest fiction books on the market: great deals and great books alike. We promote self-published authors and books from publishing houses. We like to keep titles and descriptions short for a nice clean look. Want to purchase a book? Simply click on the cover to be taken to the purchase page. For advertising your book, any price, format or vendor is welcome. We are proud of both helping readers find great books and helping authors get their books noticed. For the best results, we encourage promotion pricing. Free and $0.99 books are encouraged.

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Fans of Fiction is the original source for all types of fiction book promotion and marketing.  From mystery to horror and science fiction.  Any kind of fiction book is welcome here on Fans of Fiction.

We love helping self-publishers with their fiction books.  If you have one that needs marketing and promotion our site offers affordable services and your book will rank on the top of Google search results after 24 hours.

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