Editorial Review For I've Never Been to France: She/Her (I’ve Never Been)



Editorial Review For I've Never Been to France: She/Her (I’ve Never Been)

Sara George's book tells the gripping story of Lauren, a character who goes through a lot. It takes us deep into her life, showing both tough and touching moments.

Lauren starts with what seems like a way out through quick money, but soon finds herself at a low point, looking for a way to stand on her own two feet. She looks for help but instead meets people who take advantage of her.

The story also takes us back to her early years in a small town, revealing a childhood that was anything but easy. We see how her past shaped her, with family troubles and painful events.

Despite these hardships, Lauren’s courage shines through. She is driven by a deep desire to find a better life and keeps moving forward.

This book is honest and raw. It shows how tough choices can be, especially when you’re fighting just to get by. But more than that, it celebrates the human spirit's ability to keep going, no matter what. Lauren's story is about finding strength, seeking love, and the hope of finding a place where she truly belongs.

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