Son Of The Sun: ATLANTEN

Vesa Lumielle, a real adept on Atlantis times, continues the fantasy/reality re-creation of those long-ago days in Son of the Sun. Returning to the sinking of Atlantis, he brings alive characters—a king-priest, priestesses, magicians, teachers—and of course a love story as the Ondal Atlanteans, who live in the teachings of light, seek out a few cave dwellers on the Nile River to begin educating them in magic science. Meanwhile, most of the Atlanteans have fallen prey to underworld darkness. The Ondals set up a mystery school for the young Earthlings while also engaging in last-ditch efforts to save their island, which of course fail. He writes: “It's time to depart the past, and after watching the black waves, white foams, Thoth speeds up the Helios, and majestically, this ship illuminates the night sky, arriving for the last time from sunken Atlantis. The few thousand Atlanteans in the Land of Kem and tens of thousands around the globe will struggle to lift man from the caves to an Age of Light.” Poetical in style, imaginative and historical sounding, Son of the Sun brings alive a reenactment that keeps the reader enthralled, perhaps musing over what really happened. Once again, the fate of Atlantis is in the hands of a few, the direction they set the Earth course in recounted.

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