BASH: Love, Madness, and Murder

Ashley Roper, Afghanistan War combat veteran, is now a writer and tabloid publisher in Charleston, SC. The nearby Blakemore Anderson State Hospital (BASH) for the criminally insane, is offering up a rich variety of potentially juicy stories including an escaped murderer, a patient released by a jury, the violent murder of a staff member, and illicit drugs finding their way through the barbed wire perimeter of BASH.

Ash decides to investigate from the inside, but through a series of unforeseen circumstances, ends up trapped in the hospital as a patient. Ash's headstrong wife Sally J and her lawyer buddy and former lover Roswell take on the system to try and spring Ash. The romantic and legal sparks fly inside and outside of BASH on a hot July Fourth weekend. A roadside cafe owner, a charming weather forecaster, a meth cooking biker, a crooked cop, a homicide detective, battling lawyers, and a variety of incompetent bureaucrats cross paths in this engaging and dramatic adventure.

Bartos writes with an accomplished flair resulting in a relaxed read, his words flow easily creating memorable and engaging characters. Gritty and very realistic, BASH by Mike Bartos is highly recommended =Artisan Book Reviews

"Bartos' sharp writing is fast-paced and packed with detail..."

"An intriguing premise..." -Kirkus Indie,- a service of Kirkus Reviews

..."with themes that echo One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and quirky, hard-bitten characters reminiscent of Elmore Leonard's." -Blue Ink Review

"BASH is an enthralling read"
"Darkly comic and hair raising..." 
Napa Valley Register

"Bartos maintains a high level of reader interest by introducing numerous intriguing elements."
"Readers will be compelled to read onward and will be rewarded..." 
-Clarion Review

Gloriously satiric while simultaneously real, magnificently written, Bartos turns up the heat in a novel that conflagrates and sparks. 

Bartos surest gift is a Tarantino-esque ability to find abstract humor amidst contextual brutality.
BASH is a strong showing from a new fiction author 
Palmetto Review

“Vivid and immediate writing.”
“I really liked 
BASH; it’s a great story…”
“…hugely exciting…

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