Willow of Ashes: NecroSeam Chronicles | Book One


A Reaper's Creed. An ancient Prophecy. And a soul trapped in the wrong body.

Just as a young necromancer named Xavier began his Reaper Knight training, he was flung off a cliff by an assassin sent to kill the Princess of Death. Xavier vanished into the ocean, but his NecroSeam somehow stitched itself to another living vessel, connecting his soul to someone who shared half his necromantic ability... his twin brother.

The coexisting twins journey to a foreign Realm in search of Xavier’s missing body, unexpectedly crossing paths with a sister Reaper sent by a mysterious Oracle who believes the twins have a role to play in the world’s future. But before they can return to normal again, the Reapers must battle colossal dragons and legions of soul-eating, undead creatures controlled by an ancient Demon Queen. The quest for Xavier’s body is put on hold when things escalate into full-out war with the demons. As Death Knights-in-training they took an oath, and now there’s more than one soul to save.

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