TREPIDATION: Darkness and Light Can't Coexist

What separates Heaven and Hell? Is it the goodness that lies in the deepest parts of humanity, some mystic gatekeeper ... or simply the power of an Almighty God, which many don't believe in? Once a child of light, Tyler is seduced into a world of evil and dark figures as the beauty of one girl blinds and dulls his Godly intuition.

Unleashed from the loud cracklings of Hell, Legion, an elite dark angel, ascends to the earth. Commissioned by his Dark Lord Lucifer to claim the souls of infidels, Legion finds it tempting to claim the soul of Tyler; a one-time young Christian prodigy who's now fallen by the wayside.

If Legion wants to ascend and be promoted to the highest amongst his dark ranks, he must consume a child of light. With untapped supernatural abilities of his own, will Tyler be able to fend off Legion and his horde of internal-dwelling demons, or will he be easily consumed like many before him, and perish with no solace?

GRIEF: 5 Lives | 5 Stories | 1 Need....Acceptance (Author Interview)

GRIEF looks like a great book with lesson on the impact of grief.  Any plans to make it into a series or publish similar themed books?
I tried to leave a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter specifically for that reason.  I think, if people respond positively to the characters in each chapter or in any of them, I could expand the universe of each story to break them out into individual projects around that characters life.  Being a nurse practitioner and a critical care nurse for the last 18 years has provided me with a wealth of material and knowledge to have similarly themed books but I will also explore other areas of writing as well.

What type of reader did you have in mind when writing this book?  
Well, if you can read and you understand emotions on a basic level, this book (GRIEF) is for you.  When I write, as much as possible, I want to entertain and educate across the entire lifespan.  I guess that’s the Registered Nurse in me.  That’s why I am also writing a children’s book series and why I don’t feel beholden to just one genre.

What inspired you when writing GRIEF?
I have so many stories floating around in my head and I've started and stopped over a dozen.  I just never had the desire to just completely finish one until I saw my husband doing the same thing but finishing.  He starts and stops stories all the time but he does it when he gets a block and he just moves to where his creativity takes him.  That method works for me as well so now it's like an assembly line.  Expect to see a lot of productivity from me in writing now.  A lot of my inspiration comes from everyday life.  Television shows I watch and some sports play a big part.  For some of the more technical aspects of sports I consult with my husband.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?  Full time?  Part time?
Well, I’ve been a critical care Registered Nurse for 18 years and I’m a new graduate Family Nurse practitioner.  So, that’s my full time wage earning work.  However, it’s hard to call writing part time.  I put my all into it and devote full time to it when I’m doing it.

When did you decide to become a writer?
I didn’t just decide to become a writer.  It’s always been there.  Just like stories in my head have always been there.  I just decide to tap into that and reduce it to pen and paper and out comes a book.  Hopefully it’s material that entertains and educates at the same time just like GRIEF.

Creation I (Author Interview)

Creation I looks like a great fantasy book. How many books do you plan for the series?
Creation I is an anthology of novellas I released for free to newsletters subscribers, and to fans paying attention to my blog on  By releasing them for free prior to publishing each, I’m able to generate buzz, grow my fan base, and give special treatment to those who are really into it. This one follows the good gods. I plan to do the same with Chaos and Warp, and just keep going as I have time. It’s a lot easier to write shorter stories around the bigger works. It’s like a vacation for my brain. Many times, while writing the bigger books and especially in editing, I find tangents that make great fodder for these novellas.

What do you think makes a great dark fantasy book? 
Let’s be real: it’s the anti-hero and the nature of the corruption. In our world, power corrupts and somehow our heroes in spite of their flaws, we know they’re going to triumph. Dark fantasy heroes triumph – maybe – not in spite of but because of their corruption. I personally think the best ones are where the character is not aware of or is caught off guard by their own corruption. In such a setting, villians drive the tone and they really get to shine. So much of fantasy is dominated by bright and shiny magic where rainbows, sunshine, and unicorns save the day. I have a four year old daughter. I’d never want to take that away from her. But, for me, I want my fantasy to reflect the deeper themes of what a world with magic would be like. I don’t think it would rainbows and sunshine. The temptation to use it for personal gain would drive many many of us towards megalomania. Heroes would be rare, not the norm. That’s what makes it dark: when a villain is forced to be a hero.

Infernally Yours (Author Interview and Review)

Infernally Yours looks like a great historical fiction book.  Any plans to make it into a series? Oh, absolutely. Infernally Yours’ protagonist (Phage Rustcut) is a demon and demons are immortal, so he’s not going anywhere. The next book is set in Paris, with the French Revolution in full swing. It’s one of the bloodiest moments in Western history, so naturally, Rustcut & Co. will be in the thick of it.

What do you think makes a great historical fiction book? For me, there has to be a fresh take on the dusty old stories, you know? George Washington is already a fascinating figure, right? But the tale of a demon sent to kill George Washington is even more interesting. It casts an even wider net. It exposes people to the real adventures and misadventures of a real American hero, but in a way that’s scary and funny at the same time. But best of all, it’s based on real history. Good historical fiction gives readers actual, footnoted facts, so they’ll know what’s real and what’s fantasy. A near-mythical character like George Washington accomplished such unbelievable feats and defied certain death so many times that it sounds made up. As the author, I’ve got to prove that these things happened. And I do.

What inspired you when writing Infernally YoursThe Screwtape Letters was an obvious inspiration. C.S. Lewis did the heavy lifting of inventing the original “devil by letters” storytelling device. But with Screwtape, the demons’ target was a nobody, just an average guy. And it’s a monologue, really. You only hear the words of Screwtape as he advises his protégé. I used to be an actor, long ago, and I also ran a film company for ten years. So, while Lewis wrote Screwtape Letters as a diabolical Dear Abby of sorts, I wrote this book as if I were watching the drama play out on a stage or in a film. With Infernally Yours, the devils’ target isn’t just some rando; he’s one of the most important figures in human history. That’s a huge difference. And instead of only one demonic voice, Infernally Yours shows letters from many different devils as they interact with our main character, Rustcut. Between the fascinating and largely unknown exploits of Washington and the hilarious, dastardly schemes of Team Rustcut, I like to think that you get a richer, technicolor experience. I like the way a friend of mine described it when he said that Lewis opened the door to a haunted mansion, but Infernally Yours gives you the guided tour.

The Sponsored (Author Interview)

The Sponsored looks like a great adventure romance book.  What type of readers did you write the book for?
 I wrote The Sponsored for readers who enjoy action-packed superhero stories with lots of twists, turns, and surprises. As a reader, I enjoy a fast-paced book that's impossible to put down, and that was my goal with The Sponsored. Romance ends up in all of my books, but that's not the primary focus of The Sponsored, at least not from Grey's perspective. She's not quite sure what to make of Julian most of the time. You'll have to read and see how that plays out. Part of The Sponsored is set in the past, so readers get to see Grey's parents meet and fall in love. Theirs is a great love story. It was a pleasure to write. 

What do you think makes a great young adult book? 
 Great characters make any genre of book great, but I especially think it's important for young adult books. Readers want to love characters, they want to hate characters, they want to feel what the characters are feeling, and go through the story either with them, or as if they are them, and that is why it is so important to write great characters. Grey is a great character, one of my favorites. She's wonderfully flawed, but readers can't help but root for her. 

Did anyone in your life inspire the character Max?
 The short answer is no. I don't know anyone who's exactly like Max. But he would make my list of datable characters. Max is a good guy. I'm a fan of good guys, guys who aren't perfect, but know when to apologize. The shaved head and tattoos? That's just a bonus. =) 

What inspired you when writing The Sponsored?
 While writing, I listened to the album Baptized by Daughtry on repeat. Every morning, I'd take a walk and listen to Matt Nathanson's Come On Get Higher album. Music inspires me. It keeps the words flowing. I imagine the characters in the songs, being tossed around by their emotions, and it gives me insight into who they are. 

Stan The Awakening: A Gripping Psychological Thriller    

The battle between good and evil begins with Stan

Stan Foster wakes up after a suicide attempt with no idea who he is.

Stan is the story of the fall and rise of a controversial artist. Soon he finds out he’s an up-and-comer in the New York art scene, and he tries to make that life work for himself and for Lilith, his very headstrong manager, who pushes him toward success and fame.

˃˃˃ Plagued by visions of death and destruction...

Stan comes to find he can’t tell whether they are omens of things to come or memories of his past. With the help of his psychiatrist, Abigail, he struggles to recover his lost identity and finds that what lies underneath is darker than he had ever imagined.

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Secrets In Oak Creek (Publication Review)

SECRETS IN OAK CREEK, by B.K. Stubblefield
HUGEOrange Publication Review

There are secrets in Oak Creek and Emily and her new friend Ryan hope to get to the bottom of them. Emily’s Aunt Millie has died and left her home and her big, goofy dog, Bentley, in Oak Creek, Kentucky to her. Millie was an advocate for homeless and abused animals, a passion Emily shares and plans to continue in the community. She has now relocated to Oak Creek and plans to start a life there.
But her plans get a rough start as she’s targeted by someone who causes a car accident, injuring Emily badly. That’s how she met Ryan, he had witnessed the accident, getting footage of it on his phone. When they realize it wasn’t an accident at all and someone wants Emily dead, they have no clue where to begin to figure it out. It seems that Aunt Millie may have started something that Emily will have to finish, but what? Emily has a long recuperation from her injuries and she is helped by some friends, including Ryan. Inevitably, love blossoms as Ryan and Emily get to know each other.
“Are you all right?” he asks for a second time this evening, searching her face for any signs of pain.
She only nods as she is lifting her gaze. It’s at that moment their eyes meet, and everything around her fades away. Blue eyes stare into blue eyes, recognizing the same desire in him that ignited in her.
For the length of a heartbeat, nothing else matters—her pulse is sprinting, and her mind goes blank. She steadily holds his gaze, beckoning, pulling, hypnotizing. Her mouth draws near. Moist lips open when, suddenly, he pulls her harshly into his arms, his mouth crushing hers with the force of burning desire.
When Emily uncovers evidence of a brutal dog fighting ring involving two prominent citizens, pieces start to fit together. But knowing something and proving something are two different things. Emily’s new life is filled with her new friends and new dog, who’s a great character in the novel.
Seeming to read Emily’s mood, Bentley raises his head with a small whimper. Chocolate brown, liquid eyes train on Emily’s as his head lowers into her lap.
Ruffling his thick fur, she lowers her head and looks into the dog’s eyes. “I would hurt someone before I would let ANYTHING bad happen to you—and that’s a promise! I can’t imagine what these poor dogs must go through. What savage beasts can inflict such monstrosities?” Emily looks at Bentley before answering her own question. “They’re called ‘humans’ but trust me, there is nothing human about them. They really are just a special kind of monster.”

Animal rescue plays a big part in this story, as does romance and mystery. Secrets in Oak Creek by B.K. Stubblefield is a fun read for those who like animals, romance and mysteries. 

The Wanderer and the New West

A rogue vigilante seeks redemption in a lawless, near-future America that fully protects the rights of armed citizens to stand their ground against mass shooters and motorcycle gangs. Winner of a gold medal for Dystopia in the 2018 Readers' Favorite Awards and Best Western Fiction in the 2018 National Indie Excellence Awards. Listed in Kirkus Reviews Indie Best Books of the Month for April 2018.

When a marksman known as the Wanderer opens war against injustice in the state of Arizona, his violent actions attract the attention of journalist Rosa Veras, writer of a subversive blog about America's return to the Wild West.

As Rosa tracks the movements of the Wanderer, she exposes the new American folk hero's past sins and quest for redemption. But after making waves with a blog post connecting the nation's top gun manufacturer with its most violent gang, the reporter finds her life in danger and the Wanderer at her door. Rosa realizes she must join forces with the vigilante gunman if she is to live long enough to tell his story.

The Wanderer and the New West reinvents the Western novel with a dystopian outlook on a possible American future. It is a brand-new, stand-alone novel by Adam Bender, an award-winning tech journalist and critically acclaimed author of the We, The Watched dystopian sci-fi series about government surveillance.

What's a Rogue Got To Do With It (Rogues of Redmere Book 4)     

The final book in the #1 bestselling Regency romance series! 

Lewis Knight left behind his life as the son of nobleman years ago. The rough, scarred man is quite content to use his brute force and bad reputation to help the Earl of Redmere with his smuggling--a ruse to aid the war effort. Knight doesn't care too much about the reasons behind the subterfuge, so long as he gets paid. 

And stays busy enough to forget his past for good. 

That's not so easy, however, when he's forced to return home. And thanks to the earl's meddling, he's accompanied by the woman who plagues his thoughts far too often... 

Louisa has been too busy running her inn to think too much about the dark, brooding Knight. Even if she does steal the occasional glance at those broad shoulders. However, when a man arrives in Cornwall with life-changing news and Louisa's inn is threatened, she must investigate. With Knight's help, she digs into this stranger's past and stirs up more danger than she thought possible. 

Now that Knight is driven to protect her, the barriers between them feel harder than ever to keep in place. Somehow, she keeps working her way under his unyielding exterior. But Knight knows he's not worthy of a woman like Louisa--not while his past shadows his every move.

Eve (Pangea)    

They never thought that the symbol of their love could carry so much power. Jesse and Evelyn faithfully nurture their taboo relationship (despite, and with, the 'help' of supernatural forces) while uncovering the dark secrets of their families' pasts. The bond between the two could be the only hope for erasing global segregation and returning the great First Pyramid to its former glory.
Make your way back to the saga that started it all ...
The Tower of Babel has been cast down, segregating Pangea and Mankind alike ...
Can Love reunite opposing Creeds?
Their journey will make you believe!

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