The One and Only (The ELI Chronicles Book 1)     

When bioterrorism threatens to obscure humanity, one woman has the power to restore hope.

Ruby Spencer plans to resign from the U.S. Special Warfare Council. With an escalating Extinction Level Infection (ELI), the SWC needs the best minds acutely focused on the fight ahead. Yet motherhood has shifted her priorities. She’s preoccupied with her newborn’s health and safety. So resigning is the right choice.

For her last assignment, the SWC sends Ruby and husband Clay on a low-risk mission to Taiwan where they’ll consult with scientists analyzing the infection. Too bad Lt. Col. Quinton Oxford—the American Consulate’s embittered military attachĂ©, is waiting in the shadows. Because Ox’s plans for the couple are everything but low-risk.

When the Spencers are separated and kidnapped from Taiwan to Moscow, Ruby is thrust into a perverse war game between superpowers, where she’s the prize. Only she doesn’t know why. Or even how her abduction relates to the ELI crisis.

But her connection with Zoonosis Mutated Bacteria is emerging. And the fate of her family, of the world, awaits her next move.

The Office of Heavenly Restitution: A Fantasy Fiction Anthology    

These ten fantasy fiction short stories are rich in intriguing characters and suspenseful conflicts, and provide a fast, fun pace that will give you a sense of enjoyment while making you think about deep, meaningful issues in the human experience. Explore the conflict between resentment and freedom in “The Unsealed Heart” and “The Mine”, understand being true to yourself in the face of the pressure of conformity with the heroes of “The Office of Heavenly Restitution” and “Leshivia the Great”, grapple with religion and atheism in “The Blood of the New God” and “The Pearly Gates”, and witness rebellion against insurmountable odds in “The Philosopher’s Stone.” Each story, and each issue, is treated with artistic vision and thoughtful plot, and the prose is heavy with meaning and symbolism without sacrificing readability.
If you’re looking for something to read in the fantasy genre that’s not the same as everything else, please take a look at this short fiction anthology.

Restoration (Publication Review)

HUGEOrange Publication Review

by Daniel C. McWhorter

I read a lot of books. A lot. Very few make me rave. Restoration by Daniel C. McWhorter does and makes me feel like grabbing people and shoving it into their hand. I felt invested in the plight of Evan Feldman, a likable, intelligent man who had a vision long ago of a world without hunger, war or disease. There’s a unique plot, action scenes so good they stay with you, and twists that I guarantee you won’t see coming.

The year is 2075 and Dr. Evan Feldman, who died in 2023, has been restored into a new body from cryogenic suspension. He’ll have a lot of adjusting to do, including learning all the events, innovations and crises of the last fifty years through videos, as well as getting used to his new, youthful body and face. To his astonishment, man has established permanent colonies on the Moon “Luna” and Mars because conditions on Earth have deteriorated to the detriment of health and growth. People are getting sick and food sources are not steady.

The ethics of restoring the dead are no longer deemed acceptable as the original purpose of helping mankind has not stayed on point. When he founded Telogene Life Sciences, his dream was to make mankind better and save people from life-changing illness and permanent death. Now, he’ll get the chance to see if he came close to achieving that. He finds his granddaughter, Aubrey, a toddler when he died, is now a grown woman and runs Telogene, today, a multi-trillion-dollar company.
To his sorrow, he learns his wife, Christina, was not successfully restored and his daughter, Lily, died a year before his restoration. Evan has some problems adjusting to everything, both psychologically and physically, but everyone expects he’ll overcome everything after a short time of adjustment. But, they have a bigger problem.

The world government, the Global Federation of Nations (GFN), condemned full body replacements 30 years ago, so bringing back Evan was illegal. If discovered, Aubrey and Telogene, and all those who work for it are finished. The GFN would make an example out of the top scientists and staff and hard labor for their enhanced lifespans would be just part of the punishment.

When the GFN discovers a full body replacement has occurred, Evan and family must make a run for it to Mars, the only place GFN has no legal power. They say that getting there is half the fun, but not for Evan and crew. While Evan is trying to come to terms with being brought back from the dead and getting his head around all the new technology and world, a desperate flight from Earth to Mars takes place. GFN is not going to let them go easily and people’s reputations are on the line there to get them back.

This book was one I read until I had to stop for something silly like work or food. Every chance I got to pick it up, even for only 5 to 10 minutes, I took.  The story is unique and written beautifully. The technology that would be used is believable and I had some aha moments thinking how logical some of it is (why don’t we have injectable nanites that fix health problems, and clothing that monitors and regulates body functions and temperatures? I want those!).

The action is addicting with its novel weapons and unexpected turns. The descriptions of space travel are so well described you feel you are there. There is an AI personality that raises more questions about life and ethics and that feels like a book in the making to me (hint, hint to the author). The characters, both government, and Telogene, are believable and mostly likable. I felt I had been on a wild ride when this book ended and hope there’s going to be a sequel from this author. Even if you’re an on the fence action/thriller/sci-fi fan, buy it, you won’t be sorry.


A sci-fi/comedy story about the afterlife for technology. When a sarcastic technology expert discovers a new plane of existence, he must put aside his social qualms and team up with some unlikely friends to fight against a monster created from his own rogue lines of code.

Stroke The Flame: A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy (Her Elemental Dragons Book 1)    

Four sexy dragon shifters. A huntress with a dark past. A bond that could save the world.

I've spent my entire life running from my past and staying out of trouble. That's how I've kept alive ever since my parents were killed by the Black Dragon, who's ruled the world under her oppressive talons for as long as anyone can remember.

But it's hard to keep a low profile when four handsome strangers turn up in your village claiming you're destined to save the world. According to them, they've been chosen by the gods to become elemental dragons--and I'm their mate.

Which means one day I'll be the most powerful dragon of all, able to control all four elements. Assuming I can unlock my powers getting intimate with each of my sexy mates.

Auric, the clever prince. Jasin, the cocky soldier. Slade, the protective blacksmith. Reven, the mysterious assassin. And me. We're the only ones who can bring balance to the world and overthrow the Black Dragon--if she doesn't tear us to shreds first.

STROKE THE FLAME is the first book in a new steamy reverse harem fantasy series featuring four irresistible men and the one woman who can tame them.


In this diabolically gripping thriller, there’s more than meets the eye.

His terrifying past identity is no longer confined to his dreams. 

What would seem like a gift to most is a dangerous curse for Evan Storm. After encountering his nightmare doppelganger in waking life, he must accept there’s no escaping from the cruel man he was in a previous lifetime. There’s no therapy that can fix his soul. No medicine. Nothing.

Her fate is repeating itself.

Then Evan meets his new neighbor, a woman with an uncanny resemblance to his wife in their past lives. Shadow Hex is trying to escape her dangerous ex-fiancĂ©, who works for the Secret Eye Agency—a shadowy organization with sinister motives. He’ll always be after her. As long as she’s alive, she’ll always be looking over her shoulder. There’s no escape besides death.

Together they can break free from this cycle.

When Shadow and Evan meet, everything begins to make sense. He resolves to protect her in order to make up for his wrongdoings in their previous lifetime. But when he and Shadow grow close, the Secret Eye Agency intervenes, throwing their precarious relationship into turmoil.

Their one chance at redemption is in peril. 

Saving Shadow might cost Evan this life. And can he really protect her from her fate when he’s already a part of it?

Twisty and powerful, STORM is a thought-provoking novel that you won’t want to put down. 

“The story has plenty of twists and action-packed scenes, and it overflows with secrets and lies."- Kirkus Reviews

Fantasy of Freedom (The Tainted Accords Book 4)    

The final novel in the internationally best-selling series by Kelly St. Clare.
This is the heaviest the veil has ever felt. But I am the strongest I have ever been. The veil is nothing.
A part of me knew when I was taken from Osolis,
That when I returned--if I lived long enough to return--I would carry death and destruction to her doorstep. 
That is the irony of peace. 
It only comes after war.

"Kelly St. Clare has quickly become one of my favorite authors and I am now a fan for life." - AmiesBookReviews. 

"This story is wonderful for teenage girls, young women and the all around book lover." - GenuineJenn 

Warning: Swearing, mild sexual content, and kick ass. Recommended for mature young adults.

The Rogue Kingdom: An Espionage Thriller About The US and North Korea #espionage #thriller #suspense #fictionbooks 

#espionage #thriller #suspense #fictionbooks

In a Buddhist monastery atop a remote mountain, Kim Jae Pak has spent the years since her escape from North Korea training with a martial arts grandmaster. Her extraordinary skills attract the attention of the South Korean government, and she is chosen to assassinate North Korea's brutal dictator so that a nuclear attack can be averted. But with the United States scrambling to conceal their involvement and the threat of war with China growing, Kim must decide if revenge against the dictator who murdered her family is worth the possible obliteration of the entire world.

The Temple of the Golden Serpent

The Temple of the Golden Serpent, looks like a great fantasy book. Any plans to make this into a series?
This 48 page novella is part of, a complete high fantasy world (with a dark underbelly) and other books already out there. The shorter books focus on an aspect of the FI and presents them through conflict. This particular story pits the primary religion of Heaven’s priests and paladins against a Hell Lord’s faithful. I have plans to begin interjecting more and more of this particular addiction-based worship into the Forsaken Isles in coming years. I don’t think the concept of “devils” is very well treated in most fantasy.

What do you think makes a great story?
The best stories are those where the narrative voice is a bit untrustworthy and things unfold either through a sympathetic character (to the reader) or through the narrator who experiences things as the reader does. Humor, darkness, and challenge make for great visions. Add in a dash of the fantastical and some things the reader can learn or think of in a new way and viola.

What inspired you when writing The Temple of the Golden Serpent?
The main books of FI follow the Cult of Tiamat and is therefore sympathetic to the evil dragon goddess. They view themselves as righteous heroes by virtue of the evil they defeat. They often clash with the more heavenly religions and heroes. While it would be fun to tell a story set purely in Heaven, it’s not my style. My work is too dark for that! So, I wanted to give a Hell Lord proper treatment.

What are your ambitions for your writing career? Full time? Part time?
I currently write part-time, but recent ELIT awards and a growing fan base give me hope that readers love FI as much as I do.

Immortals' Requiem

HUGEOrange Publication Review
Immortals’ Requiem, by Vincent Bobbe

Vampires, zombies and shapeshifters, oh my! Immortals’ Requiem is a fun read of supernatural fantasy that grabs you by the collar and doesn’t let go.

Modern day England is beset by creatures and horrors thousands of years old who have come back. They were the stuff of mythology, or so people thought. The author, Vincent Bobbe, makes you feel as if your safe, familiar world could be set upon at any moment by unbelievable horror.

He weaves modern day reality with a bloody, harsh fantasy. This book is hard to put down! He makes a supernatural take-over of our world seem possible.

Well-written and recommended for mature fans of supernatural fiction and urban fantasy. It’s a rollicking ride on a terrifying adventure.